Linggo, Enero 15, 2012

15th Monthsary :))

Tomorrow is 16! <3 and its our 15th monthsary! this is for you chalet. :**

Happy 15th Monthsary baby! :)) hope that we stay strong and always help each other when we have problem.
I'm always here for you to talked to, even if i can't help you.
I'm sorry for all the mistakes i have made, for all our past arguements. I'm sorry for being childish at times, i hope you understand me.
I wont let anything to destroy our relationship. I Love You Very Much and i dont want to loose you. i'm very thankful you came into my life.

Goodluck to both of us. :)) more mothsaries to come! or should i say more years to come! 
Thanks for everything! I Love You So Much! :**

bansot :))

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